Dear friends, welcome to my site.

I started working on this site in 2009 and released it (“in progress” condition) during the following year. In 2015 I released a new version.
Now (2018) I decided to renew everything to allow a nice view with portable devices such as smartphones.
A lot of new features are available.
Take a chance to visit the photo galleries, enjoy the slide shows, the music and all the free content! Don’t forget to read “Mercedes”, the novel. Free!
The site is quite completely bi-lingual and the sitebuilding techniques I employed are the result of twenty years of experience in web design. SInce 2009, my humble intention is still to let you know a bit of me (or possibly a lot) by showing you images and parts of my life and of my works. I know that usually auto-biographical and personal web sites may be boring for everyone but the author himself. I hope this is not the case. I spent a lot of time in building this site and I really loved every moment.
So, have fun, feel yourself at home, and thank you for calling.

Andrea Gamba

In the last sixty years, andrea gamba has professionally (*) been: Photographer, Puppeteer, Bluegrass Fiddle and Mandolin Player, Sergeant in the Italian Navy, Draftsman, Architect, Web designer, and webmaster, Computer Consultant and Repairman, Illustrator.
(*) that is: has been paid to be and paid taxes about it
He was born in Genoa in 1957 He is 1,80 mt. tall He likes cats, beer, seafood and prawns, motorcycles, 80’s music, british book-writers japanese cartoons and occasionally a bourbon and soda, thank you.

He dislikes scooters, big dogs, people who speak too loud, people who don’t seem to listen, soups (except, maybe, fish soup), milk, and a lot of other things (small and medium dogs too).

Outstanding Moments
at the age of two he is listed in the Buitoni’s Beautiful Babies Book
in 1979 a poster of his own design is issued citywide for a puppet festival
in 1982 his picture in on the sleeve of a blegrass festival record
in 1984 the Italian Navy lets him play for 18 months with a 5 inch gun
in 1995 he buys his first Vespa