1957 - 1963: 03 - Pre-schooler

I was born at the end of october 1957 in a suburb of Genoa called Rivarolo. My father Carlo worked for an expedition firm (having previously been fireman and truck driver) and was shortly later to work for a big sugar industry until retirement (in the 1980’s).

me at the age of 1

My mother Luigina (Gina) attended home duties. In her earlier years she had worked as an apprentice tailor. When I was born, my parents were more than 35 years old. It was most unusual in the late 50′ to have children so late. Before school I had very few friends and used to play mostly with my cousins Roberto (three years older than me) and Rossella (about my age).

me with my father posing on somebody’s motorbike

Most of the time I used to play by myself mostly with toy cars (I loved a big yellow truck I stiil have. Once it fell from the balcony – luckily nobody was killed and the truck suffered only a little dent). I used to paint small pictures and try to sell them (for money) to relatives or to anybody who got the chance to make a visit at home. In spite of that behavior I was extremely shy, mostly with other children.

1963: me (at right) and my cousins (on mother’s side): Enrico (died very young in his early 20’s), Roberto (see music chapter) and Rossella.

Making friends at the public playground was a complicate process that involved at least a couple of hour of study and preparation, that, when fulfilled, usually had produced the time to go back home. Anyway I was usually in a good mood, except when things wouldn’t go the way I wished. In these occasions the tantrums I was able to throw were legendary (during one of these I cried so loud that I got an inguinal hernia).

Ok, probably I was a pain in the neck for my parents. I think that I needed all the attention I could get. And probably it was not enough anyway. One nice detail: I remember that I was amazingly fond of girls with long hair. I remember a girl that I used to call “Bimba Capelli” (Hair-Girl). I was really enjoying my life, in those days. I liked to spend my time with my mother and I couldn’t wait for the moment my father was coming home from the work. My salute was: “what did you bring to me?” I learned to read before entering school. The golden age was about to end. School time was approaching.

Small History
  • In 1957 Andrea Gamba weights at birth about 4,3 Kg (9lb 7oz).
  • He is red haired.
  • At 3 years tastes his first sip of beer (and to his parent’s big surprise) likes it very much.
  • He likes the girls with long flowing hair, eats very little.
  • He has a wheelbarrow (which gets lost moving from Rivarolo to Genova), a pedal tin car and a tricycle (who falls apart when he rides it together with his cousins).
More Pictures
November 1957, Me and my mother just coming home from the hospital, right after my birth
1958. Me, mother and father on the roof of our rented house in Rivarolo
1959, August. Me posing in front of a photographer for my very first portrait at the age of 22 months.
1959 – Me with some toys.
1960 – Mother and father by the sea.
1961 – Me with my red tin car (The balcony was 1 meter deep and two meters wide. The fabulous red tin car was 1,20 mt long so all I could do was pedal twice and half and then walk back.).

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