1964 - 1973: 04 - The school years

In 1963 I went to school for the first time. I remember the first day. The teacher was ill and the janitor (Luciano) had to take his place. I was playing and running around with another child until I was spotted and got to be the first punished pupil of the class (what a horrible shame). I hated the other child since then and never talked to him anymore. One of my personal nightmares of those years were hats. My mother stated that I MUST wear hats. Biggest fun of my schoolmates was stealing and hiding them. My reaction was of deepest desperation.

me in 1965. The picture was taken by a child (Bobo) who was to become my best friend in my pre-teen years.

In elementary and junior high school I was quite self assured, having very little to study to keep the pace of my classmates. My appearance of “very clever student” was enough. The arrival to high school was however a little tragedy. I had to (gosh!) study! My approach to school was, however, still “maximum result with minimum effort” and such was to remain until the last part of university.

a comic strip that I was drawing in 1971, about the adventures of my personal super-hero, Captain Pisquano

In the same years, I was becoming less interested in toy soldiers and more in girls. Unfortunately only by a theoretical point of view. Besides, I was testing my primary strategy in getting people’s interest. For instance I used to write little funny stories or draw comic strips and show them to my schoolmates. Later I would do the same thing with photography and music (with greater success through the latter, however). In those years I had two best friends, Bobo and Agostino. Together we made never-ending tours downtown (until five o’clock. At that time Bobo MUST have a cup of tea at home, so it was the end of the tour), we planned to build a little missile, we made three or four mystery and action movies in super8.

me in 1969 (please notice the clever look)

I used to boast a never ending series of girlfriends (but I guess nobody really believed me). In 1972 I finally managed to invite my dream schoolgirl to a movie (Lelouch’s la Bonne Année). I was dressed with a brown jacket sporting a “Smile” badge. I had carried along a remarkable series of objects devoted to astonish and conquer, including a mini projector (battery operated) and a couple of super8 action, mystery and secret agent movies made by me and my friends. (Cross my heart and hope to die: this is all true, the movies and the mini projector). But nothing happened. I didn’t even dare to show the projector and the movies (that was for the best, I think). We just sat in the cinema, watched the Lelouch movie and went home. Anyway, next year I was changing class, and life too.

Small History
  • In 1963 Andrea Gamba is skinny and short blond haired.
  • He eats very little food and a lot of candies. Every given day his mother prepares him a overcooked meat patty cut in four pieces. He chows the patty for hours. Sometimes he can’t swallow it and so he throws it behind a cupboard.
  • He reads a lot: comics and war books mainly.
  • Since 1970 he becomes a faithful reader of Mad Magazine (in English).
  • He likes to listen to classical music and is in every possible way a terrible square.
  • In 1971 he discovers The Beatles (better late than ever!).
  • He is moderate and conservative and likes war movies. Plays a lot with Lego and growing up, he builds dozens of airplane and tank models.
    More Pictures
    1967 – Getting ready for sea. Please, notice hat.
    1968 – Me and my mother on the balcony.
    1969 – Me, flying a model glider designed andd built by me. It flew like an iron gate. Please, notice hat
    1969 – Me in the snow. My mother on the background.
    1969 – With my Mother on a journey to Southern Italy. Please, notice hat.
    1971 – Me somewhere during a short trip with my parents. Ok again: please, notice hat.

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