Like I said before, I’ve done a lot of things, professionally (that is, I’ve been paid and I paid taxes for it).

Here you can read a short resume, including most of main working events of my life. Enjoy!

Here you can download my resume PDF.

Web Sites

In 1997 I made my first web site. It was about Yukio Mishima and St. Sebastian. In spite of the subject, it was quite funny (You can still visit it HERE -it’s on the old site-). I made many other sites in the following years (including this one, of course).

My sites are “handmade”, in HTML and Java, producing every time the code I need for the exact purpose. Recently I became very fond of WordPress and made many sites with it, but still  providing an “unique” feeling to each of them. Everything, from graphics to scripting is customized and is different and new from site to site.

Here a short list of recent sites

Illustrations and 3d
1993 – One of my first 3d illustrations. I started a drawing and realized that it was faster to make a 3d model

I started drawing with a computer as soon as I could (and my first computers made it really difficult for me). But in 30 years (gee, how time flies…) things have changed enough to allow lots of expressive possibilities. And I managed to try more or less everything. 3D graphics and modeling, presentations, animations, illustrations, just name one and I can do it. In the last years, my main course has become 3D Illustration and, among the many things I’ve done, the “Penguins Series” is outstanding.

Some Picture
1993 – “Hello!” Frame of a short animation presented to Riccione 3D Festival. Made in collaboration with Ms Sara Ughetti
1999 circa – some renders made for Naval Architect Studio De Jorio
1999 – Cover illustration for “Il tempo e altri Traditori” by Andrea Marti
2007 – “God’s Particle” – Illustration for Selezione de il Reader’s Digest
2008 – “Machines and the Future of Human Evolution” – Illustration
2010 – “The Sacred and the Propane”. Starting point for all the “Penguins Series” illustrations